850 NE Spanish River Blvd,#35
Boca Raton, Fl 33431

      A life of ART finally allows me time to create my most exciting, original, emotional art. It is keeping me focused every day. Together with my husband, Jim, we plot, plan, and execute wonderful SCULPTURES that contain a lifetime of imagination. For the past ten years I have created a series of PAINTINGS that show a unique development in visual exploration. My DRAWINGS have allowed my imagination the freedom I have searched for all my life.

Creating custom art for collectors and galleries has kept me very active for the past 30 years in Boca Raton. my glass and cement sculptures, and oil paintings have won many awards, and been featured in important museum shows.
As creator of the welded glass sculpture movement in South Florida, I have engineered many public and private glass art installations. The Forge Restaurant, Miami,  commissioned me to fill the Pharmacy Room with Illuminated, carved, and colored surrealistic portraiture. I donated an illuminated glass wall to The Boca Raton Down town Library in 1999,  created glass waterfalls in 2009,  and carved and colored a glass wall  15 ft. x 20 ft. on the Norwegian Cruise Ship, “Sky”.
Glass wasn’t the only sculptural medium I excelled in. in 1988, I was awarded the contract to create and install 50 larger than life, cement great white herons alongside I95. The I95 driving public enjoyed the roadside installation so much that traffic ground to a standstill at the sight of this enormous flock.
1999 I was artistic director of the Boca Raton Beautification Committee. where I was awarded the key to the city of Boca Raton by Mayor Carol Hanson for my many artistic gifts to the city
In. 1984 my son, Jason and I became a creative force behind The Tethys Project – Worldwide. The largest sculpture ever created


2015. Docent Education at the Boca Raton Museum of Art                                                                                                    1994 Bachelor of Fine Arts, Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, Fl.
1966 Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY. Awarded the American Association of University Women, Two Year Scholarship
1966 State University at New Paltz, New York
1964 Poughkeepsie High School, N.Y. Regents Scholar

2015- Docent at the Boca Raton Museum of Art
2013- Awarded position of Gallery Specialist for The Historic Studio Art Glass collection at the Boca raton Museum of Art
2008 Jurors Recognition, Boca Raton Museum Artists’ Guild Juried Show, Tools 3
2007 Honorable Mention Boca Raton Museum Artists’ Guild Juried Show, Bubble Rocker
2007 Jurors Recognition, Boca Raton Museum Artists’ Guild Juried Show, Beach Lovers
2006 Third Place, Boca Raton Museum Artists’ Guild Juried Show, Waterfall
2005 Honorable Mention Boca Raton Museum Artists’ Guild Juried Show, Sporaphite
2003 Honorable Mention, Boca Raton Museum Artists’ Guild Juried Show, Fire Queen,
2003 Judges Recognition, Boca Raton Museum Artists’ Guild Juried Show, Venus de Waitress
2002 Third Place, Boca Raton Museum Artists’ Guild Juried Show “Images Violin Abstract
2002 Second Place, Boca Museum Artists’ Guild Juried Show. The Courtyard, Loco-Motion $300.00
2002 Honorable Mention, Boca Raton Museum Artists’ Guild Juried Show, Rocker with Viper
2002 Sculpture Award, First Prize, The Hortt 43rd Annual Juried Art Show”, Ft. Lauderdale The Chair
2002 “Eye on The Everglades”, Palm Beach Cultural Council Juried Show, Scrub Snake, Photography.
2002 “Destination: Culture” The City Place, Palm Beach Culture Council Juried Show,
2002 Palm Beach International Airport, Heart of the City
2001 Second Place, Boca Raton Museum Artist Guild Juried Show at the Courtyard,
2001 Judge’s Recognition, Tri-County Juried Show, Broward Art Guild, Coral Springs Museum
2001 Mixed Media Sculpture Award, The Hortt 42 Annual Juried Art Show. Fort Lauderdale,
1999 Key to the City, presented by the Mayor for Public Art in Community Library
1996 XS Best of the Gallery, Museum of New Arts and art Serve.
1993 Best of Show, Best Graphic, Best Painting. West Palm Beach Library Show, Palm Beach
1993 Honorable Mention. Ritter Gallery, FAU, Boca Raton, FL
1983 Excellence in Oil, Broward Art Guild, Fort Lauderdale, FL
1982 Research Grant. Art Dreams Inc. New Paltz, NY
1983 Thire Prize, Boca Raton Museum of Art, Xerox Collage, SUSAN AND ALLYN
1981 Second Prize. Boca Raton Museum of Art, Oil Painting. BEACH ALCHEMY

1979, Mid Hudson Museum of Arts and Sciences, solo show, BEACH PARTY.
1980 Second Prize, Boca Raton Museum of Art, Oil Painting, BOCA BEACH.

1964 Two Year Scholarship for Pratt Institute given by the American Association of University Women.

The Ft. Lauderdale Museum of Art
The Boca Raton Art Museum of Art
The Hollywood Art and Culture Museum
The Ormond Beach Museum, “Horney” chosen for permanent collection, 2003
The Vero Beach Center for the Arts

Phyllis and Jerome Rubin
Ruth and Ken Feigel
Elayne and James Schoke
Mr. and Mrs Irvin Gotlieb, Ballen Isles, Fl
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Wall, Palm City, Fl
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard and Sandra Meyer, Highland Beach, Fl
Carsten Maschmeyer, Rainbow Residence, Manalapan, FL
Dr. and Mrs. Suberman, Boca Raton, Fl
Mr. and Mrs Edward Masterman, Palm Beach, Fl
M. Anisfield. London, England
Sh. Eqbal F. Alsbah, Kuwait
Reynold’s Family, Palm Beach, FL
Mary Ann De George, St. Petersburg, FL
Mr. S. Gomberg, Miami, FL
Mr. Cecil Fielder, Palm Beach, FL
Mr. & Mrs. Steingart, Boca Raton, FL
Mr. Alvin Malnick, Miami, FL
Jimmy Robinson, Poet to the Stars. Palm Beach
Lenore Robbins, President of The Boca Raton Museum Artist’s Guild

Boca Raton Library, The historic Green Buttonwood tree. Carved mirror with Glass Garden
The Historic Green Buttonwood Tree” h 30” w 40” Oil on canvas The original painting hangs in the Department of Agriculture, Tallahassee.
Norwegian Cruise Lines, “Norwegian Sky”. The Atrium Mural. “Deep Seas” h 20’ w 15’, carved and tinted glass. 1990
Gumbo Limbo Environmental Complex, Carved and colored glass, DIVE HAWKSBILL, DIVE. 1988
The Forge Restaurant, “Strange Women in Strange Places”, 10 murals, h 5’ w 3’, Back lit, carved and tinted 1/2″ mirror.
Exxon Corporation, Riverbridge, Flock of Great White Herons, painted cast concrete, , 50 birds, h 5’ West Palm Beach, Fl, 1986
Newport Business Center, Flock of Great White Herons, 75 birds, Deerfield Beach, Fl 1985
The Eagle Sign, Boca Raton Elementary School. Painted and sculpted plywood. h 4’ w 16’ 1983
“Student Life” mosaic mural, h 9’ w 15’ Poughkeepsie High School, New York, 1963

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