BLACK STAR BEACH. A personally signed print on 100 lb. paper with durable ink.

A colorful fine art original print. I personally sign each print and make sure you are thrilled to add this special print to your collection. This unique view of the tropical Atlantic Ocean is one of 69 that you can view on my You tube channel. Susan Pelish. Each drawing/painting was drawn by me sitting in the sand at the edge of the waves or in the dunes getting bit by ants. While you are sleeping, I am sharpening my pencils and choosing my paper. Before the sun lights my path, I am trudging through the tunnel to the deep sand and on to the edge of the world famous Atlantic Ocean. The wind tries to steal my paper but my strong clips hold it tight to my Ouija board. I sit down, I look at the scene. Time passes. The next thing I know I’m packing my bag and heading back to the tunnel. BLACK STAR BEACH is the result of this magical time. The photos show my display method. A small stretched canvas taped to the back of the print allows you to hang it on the wall with no frame. Very minimal and gravity defying. See 69 BEACH DRAWINGS on my you tube channel, SUSAN PELISH.