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Exotic illuminated wall art. A focal point that reflects subtle a glow. The blues and silvers are a perfect compliment to the modern maxi mansions in Boca Raton and Palm Beach. $100.00 will let you enjoy this contemporary Fine Art Painting. Framed with a perfect silver frame companion. I will be happy to help place […]


WISECRACKS. The brightest painting ever created. It’s liquid shiny colors rival molten glass for excitement and drama. This multi surface canvas is the perfect size, color, and originality to become a focal point in any maxi mansion or tiny home. Paint on canvas . Framed and signed. 42 x 36 inches. For sale $200.00 Framed […]

THE BULL. Surreal realism. A collage for an imaginative open minded collector

A unique major painting that will make a strong personalize statement in a residence. Just the right size to customize room with elegance and mystery

THE BULL. Oil paint on canvas with found objects. 75 x 30 inches. 3 inch thick wrapped canvas Perfect size above sofa. A unique statement of your love for art and desire to personalize your residence. Glow in the dark areas make this painting enjoyable in the dark. $300.00 The sculptures and rare objects of […]